Welcome to the new Burres Consulting website.

Burres Consulting is an Oregon-based firm that is known for high quality,
integrity, and dependability. We verify our understanding of the project
scope, deliverables, and timelines before the project begins. Sounds
obvious...but often consulting projects fail because of poor project
definition. We listen first and talk later--and we enjoy a challenge!

Burres Consulting provides a variety of services that complement large
and small companies. Since we work with a variety of industries, we excel
at customizing our work schedules, reporting methods, and terminology
to integrate with our client's environment.
Burres Consulting
Customer Service
Direct support

Technical Research
Patent searches
New technology
Alternative solutions

Mechanical Engineering
Electronic packaging
Concept design and Drawings
Vendor research and selection
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Burres Consulting
P.O. Box 729
Yamhill, Oregon   97148
Office:  (503) 662-4245